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My patients find it difficult to follow the dietary advice. Tastermonial presents them with healthier options, empowering them to make better choices.
Dr. Homeira Izadi, M.D.
Integrative Medicine


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what's tastermonial?

A personalized food recommendation for people with dietary restrictions – gluten-free, low FODMAP, plant-based lifestyle, other food avoidances due to allergies and health, etc. We deliver curated pantries, fresh and frozen preparation. Our technology iinterprets food label to make it convenient to shop groceries with peace of mind.


why do we sell products from emerging brands?

It is a common perception that food without meat, additives or food depriving certain ingredients tastes bland and boring. Which gluten-free pastry has the right texture? Is snacking so bad? New brands are emerging and innovating foods at an accelerating rate with high quality ingredients and better processes. However, these brands struggle to secure space on grocery store shelves and are boxed out by large food brands.

What technology is used to match foods to diet?

To personalize food search by individual’s dietary needs, we first need to translate food label and assign dietary claims in the form of #diet-tags to each food profile using natural language processing methods. Our AI powered recommendation model continuously takes into account sensory reviews to help us make an intelligent food recommendation that matches individual diet and tastebuds.

Why diet-suitable foods?

We believe that the reason for a lovable food product is getting the flavor, texture, and smell right with the target audiences in mind. Delicious food keeps people coming back for more. We are convinced that it’s possible to transform any edible ingredients to a delicious combination, even without sugar, meat or wheat! We want to make sure that people with any diet restrictions and people with health conditions can have a pleasurable food experience! 

how does tastermonial make money ?

We earn sales commissions from emerging food brands and provide them with affordable consumer research services. However we do not operate with advertisement money as we are a fair market giving equal chances to all brands who meet our strict quality standards.

why small brands need consumer research ?

Sensory reviews help brands validate food product-market fit and iterate on formulations. A higher review also improves trusts and attract buyers, business partners, and investors. Our team of food scientists and Taster Force analyze the sensory profile of tested foods. But often the small brands cannot afford the cost of hiring sensory consultants. Tastermonial provides an affordable tool to decipher consumer sensory feedbacks.

How do we ensure quality of foods we sell?

We screen out items with doubtful additives or those banned in other western countries but are Generally-Recognized-As-Safe by FDA. Every food brand Tastermonial supports must first undergo a thorough background check ensuring they are food safe certified and practicing ethical and sustainable sourcing to create their products. We firmly believe that food should bring joy to ALL parties involved — not just the people purchasing the final product.

what specific criteria we use to screen products ?

Products on Tastermonial do NOT contain:

High level of refined or artificial sugars
Preservatives, fillers, or gums which are banned in EU
Artificial dyes which are banned in EU
Hydrogenated oils (trans fat)

Who are the brands we partner with?

Tastermonial believes that food is not only for nourishment and taste, but it brings together communities and acts as a vehicle for positive change. That’s why Tastermonial is proud to support and collaborate with so many amazing, ambitious brands with unique backgrounds and goals. Our partnered brands span a range of perspectives, from supporting eco-friendly initiatives to developing safe and comfortable environments for food production workers.  The founders we collaborate with inspire us daily. The majority of our partners are disrupting the food system with innovation from their own personal experiences and are part of important communities like LGBTQ+, BIPOC, mothers, and many others. To us and our partnered brands, fostering accessibility to great food is just the beginning of a happier and healthier community, because food is medicine. As a company that values collaboration and transparency, Tastermonial invites YOU to share your ideas and stories.
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