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Tastermonial is a platform for consumers to conveniently shop for clean products that match their diet, support emerging brands, and explore their health journey. We’ve created a revolutionary space where average foodies and passionate food brands collide to bring you the best healthy snacks straight to your door. 

Our Mission

We live in a world where 67% of people have a dietary restriction. More than 20,000 products catering to people with specific diets were launched by small to medium-sized emerging food brands in 2019. However, these brands struggle to secure space on grocery store shelves and are boxed out by large food brands. We, at Tastermonial, partner with emerging brands to elevate their visibility. We also connect them with consumers who are looking for minimally-processed, natural foods that match their diet. 

Our team is committed to changing the food industry from the ground-up. 

Taste-Tested, Diet-Appropriate 

We look for the game changers. Those products that are best in class and reflect our beliefs for transparency. 

The brands we partner with are just as excited to change the food world as we are. We take the time to get to know our partners and how they intend on making an impact. Our carefully selected brands are not only good for you. The products we choose are also taste-tested by our team. In addition, we have them taste-tested by a community of experts to ensure that they as delicious and as diet-appropriate. Just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean you should compromise on taste.

In other words, we make healthy eating deliciously simple.

Ethically Sourced and Produced

Every food brand Tastermonial supports must first undergo a thorough background check to ensure they are food safe certified. In addition, we look for brands practicing ethical and sustainable sourcing to create their products. We firmly believe that food should bring joy to ALL parties involved — not just the people purchasing the final product.

For Our Community

Here at Tastermonial, we believe that food is not only for nourishment and taste, but it brings together communities and acts as a vehicle for positive change. That’s why Tastermonial is proud to support and collaborate with so many amazing, ambitious brands with unique backgrounds and goals to bring you the best healthy snacks. Our partnered brands span a range of perspectives, from supporting eco-friendly initiatives to developing safe and comfortable environments for food production workers. 

The founders we collaborate with inspire us daily. The majority of our partners are disrupting the food system with innovation. They used  their own personal experiences and are also part of important communities like LGBTQ+, BIPOC, mothers, and many others. To us and our partnered brands, making great and healthy food easily accessible is just the beginning of a happier and healthier community. As a company that values collaboration and transparency, we at Tastermonial invite YOU to share your ideas and stories.

Products on Tastermonial do NOT and will NEVER contain:

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